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CASA to Deliver Dinners to 205 Children and Families

As our families continue to work through the challenges of Covid-19, the CASA program would like to take this opportunity to express our aloha, gratitude, and community-ship to our foster children and the homes that support, care and nurture them. Thank you to our Friends of CASA-Hawaii and Zippys, the CASA staff and our CASA volunteers will be delivering dinners to all of our 205 children and their families this Friday, October 2, 2020. This is a small token in comparison to the great work all around us during these trying times; nonetheless, it reflects the CASA program, it’s staff and volunteers, and the judiciary’s commitment to our children, the families and our community. On behalf of the CASA staff, our sincerest Aloha for all the different roles we playing in helping children!

This event is made possible through the Friends of CASA-Hawaii and it’s community partners (Ticket to dream foundation, Bretzlaff, and Joyce foundation).